I am a writer, game designer and semi-professional nerd.

I write. I draw. I make more flowcharts than I care to admit.

Currently on a PhD adventure … stay tuned.

The Blog

A repository for all the story bits that pop up and seek to tempt me away from finishing my novel, DT. This is an exorcism of sorts — making the ideas real and getting them out of my head.


An exercise in brevity and impact, since I tend to be long-winded at the best of times.

The Pics

Places and moments captured from adventures past. Most importantly — the lego orca.


The Stories

The Skin of the World — neo noir

A murder mystery set in a towering city state that’s held together by magic and besieged by monsters.


Where you can find my writing and assorted works:

“Displace” — poemYellow Medicine Review

“This is not a discovery” — poemYellow Medicine Review

“Rough Cut” — poemYellow Medicine Review

“What the World Takes” — short storyLuna Station Quarterly

LittleBigPlanet Karting — videogameUnited Front Games

“Nautral Bodies” — poemYellow Medicine Review

“Bebezhigooganzhii” — prose-poem/micro-fictionThe New Quarterly

“Defenestration of Indicants” — poemThe Windsor Review

“Waabooz” — poemThe Windsor Review

“The truth about stories is, that’s all we are.”  — Thomas King







Tell me your thoughts . . .

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